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  • Unit: set
  • Manufacturer: RIGHT
  • Brand: LEADDER
Product Details
1. USB, Aux,TF card,FM
2. Speakers, rated output 3W, with magnetically shielded.
3. Imported chips, long-lasting life, superior performance.
4. Free easily connected to the computer, MP3/MP4, ipod, PSP, CD, mobile phones and other stereo sources.
5. Seeks to streamline the operation simple and stylish design.
Product Introduction

1. Low-noise rubber base design, double-sided speaker diaphragm, powerful sound.

2. Strengthen the wooden chamber, delicate touch, texture, fullness, can put a variety of stationery, compact utility.

3. Speaker weighs about 340 grams, size: 139mm * 88mm * 88mm.

4. Box size: 144mm * 96mm * 96mm, cartoon Size: 510mm * 505mm * 315mm.

5. Unique digital noise reduction technology.

6. Digital volume control, a unique line connection.

7. Enter the interface: USB, Aux3.5 stereo.

8. Speakers, rated output 3W, with magnetically shielded, with multi-function USB cable (more than one).

9. Appearance of rich colors: grass green SP-1102A, Flame Red SP-1102B, Pink SP-1102C, golden orange SP-1102D, light blue SP-1102E.

10. You can order other colors, MOQ 1000pcs.

11. Seeks to streamline the operation simple and stylish design.

Graphic Description
  This product is designed, the appearance of new, classic and practical, support U disk, SD card, MP3 and other music storage device to support mobile phones, computers and other music players. The pen with the perfect combination of speakers, both for office personnel, and students learn best desk companion at home.
Portable Speaker(SP-1102)
In Office                                                         At Home
The color you can choose:
 Portable Speaker(SP-1102)
Simple interface and switch design, eliminating the need for the first time you use the identify button to trouble everywhere.

Portable Speaker(SP-1102)


 Portable Speaker(SP-1102)


 Portable Speaker(SP-1102)

This section of the pen speakers with 1000MAH lithium battery, strong currents make it 2-4 hours of continuous playback.
Portable Speaker(SP-1102)
As a portable sound card, it is no big shock sound effects, but also the high cost of a large volume of high-definition audio, either from its mini form or pure sound quality, will give you every reason to believe work and learn to bring a lot of fun.
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