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Portable DVD(PDVD-91)

  • Unit: set
  • Manufacturer: RIGHT
  • Brand: LEADDER
Product Details
Product Introduction

1. 9 inches high definition LCD widescreen resolution.(16:9)

2. Host size only bare metal 4cm, stunning slim cool hand experience.

3. Visual degrees of freedom: the display can rotate 270 degrees and flip, multi-angle to enjoy, completely breaking the traditional one-way fixed viewing angle, to maximize the slow mental and physical exhaustion.

4. Support for TV reception (PAL, NTSC and SECAM), equipped with card-type full-function infrared remote control, auto-sets, audio, composite video input / output functions, core functions: Divx / mpeg4 / card reader / usb / dvd player / AV IN PUT / FM RIDIO / TV cable analog TV / GAME.

5. Game features: support for 32-bit digital gaming.

6. Ability to interact with the computer: Hi-Speed ??USB computer interaction, fully compatible HEVD, DVD, DVD-R/RW, VCD, SVCD, CD, CD-R/RW, MP3, MP4, JPEG, WMA and other disc, multi-language, variety of formats, suitable for many countries and regions.

7. Super electronic shock protection, built-in two-channel stereo speakers, super sound quality, even at high speed the car can have a bright and cool Ice audio-visual experience.

8. Intelligent charging function: simple eco-friendly designs, long standby, W power adapter (AC input: 110V-240V; DC output :9-12V) Built-in large capacity lithium battery, can play 120-150 minutes.

9. Is there power and memory: Yes. A power outage or accidental exit, turn again to continue playing.

10. Mini interaction: read SD / MMC / MS memory cards and USB disk.

Graphic Description
This product is unique and innovative wide viewing angle display, enabling multi-display rotation and flip angle, a strong light and delicate shell is not strong reflection, help protect the eyesight.
Display multi-angle viewing quality or less, while people can watch a DVD, play games, connect the antenna can also enjoy watching various sporting events and other television programs, read the unique card reader and USB removable disk inside the class audio and video information, features, allows you to watch your favorite pictures anytime, anywhere and video.
Portable DVD(PDVD-91)
Different interfaces, different functions, not the same experience. Although is a clamshell mobile DVD, but its body thickness of only 4cm thin enough to make you enjoy the experience, as a flat panel display can be flipped to use mobile DVD.
 Portable DVD(PDVD-91)
Portable DVD(PDVD-91)
Portable DVD(PDVD-91)
Plane-symmetric multi-function operation button and the button design, and strive to simple and comfortable operating environment, give you comfortable control experience.
Portable DVD(PDVD-91)
Imported movement, superior performance, dual speakers, super sound quality, high-capacity lithium battery, long standby.
Portable DVD(PDVD-91)
Hardcover box, built-in shock foam, with remote control, multi-in-one multi-function cable, car cigarette lighter adapter charger original.
 Portable DVD(PDVD-91)
Advanced technology unique creative mini body, either from its rich feature set, or from its high-definition screen, can give our lives a lot of fun entertainment.

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