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Double-Brand Cooperation Services

Double-Brand Cooperation Services

Service Introduction
Double-Brand Cooperation Services

With over 10 years Africa market trading experience and strong Africa market brand influence. ToAfrica.net to provide Double-Brand Cooperation Services for the enterprise intends to develop the Africa market.

Service Content
Double-Brand Cooperation Services

To our brand as the leading, with some costs(generally by year) of double-brand cooperation services, we will make some development of relevant products and provisions of scope for cooperation brand. Packaging and promotion of the product is subject to our audit, must be consistent with our brand image, and product quality and standards required to meet our requirements.
        Allow to use together with our famous brands in Africa(such as LEADDER) and cooperation brands which you need cooperate with us. We will provide some African channels, so that the cooperation of the brand product sales in physical stores of our more than 30 African countries. Help open up the channels of Africa, and then use our e-commerce platform for investment in Africa, and the corresponding brand marketing.

Service Object
Double-Brand Cooperation Services

1. Products to meet our standards and requirements.
        2. Have own brands, but it's little brand influence in Africa and want to promote your brands to Africa.
        3. Has your own brands in Africa, but it's little brand influence, and want to promote in Africa with our mature brands.
        4. Good financial strength and want to develop the Africa market.

Service Advantage
Double-Brand Cooperation Services

1. Promote your products to Africa, improve profitability point.
        2. We have a rich operation experience in Africa market, solve worries for you.
        3. Provide more convenient e-commerce platform.
        4. Enhance Africa market influence for your brands fastest and maximize.

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