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Power Transformers(PT-003)

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Product Details

569 units (sets) of manufacturing equipments and 320 units (sets) of them are the most advanced level of specialized equipment imported from abroad.

It mainly including TKWA/1600 corrugated tank production line and TBA/ME600*400 silicon steel sheet cutting line imported from Germany. BW5/600 Foil Winding machine made in Switzerland. VW-20T vertical winding machine and the digital Impulse analyzing instrument were made in USA.

Power Transformers(PT-003)

Hydraulic bending machine, the vapour phase drying unit, air cushion with the maximum capacity for lifting 300 tons. The adopts the technology and management of EFACEC according to IEC standard.

The products includes the oil immersed power transformers up to 250 MVA/500KV, 370MVA/220KV, 240MVA/330KV, the design capacity is 6 million KVA per year. Oil immersed distribution transformer up to 6.3MVA/35KV, the design capacity is 3 million KVA; Cast resin dry type transformer up to 3.15MVA/35KV, the design capacity could be 900,000 KVA per year.

We also produce various special transformers. Products are sold in more than 20 provinces and cities in China and exported to more than 30 countries and regions in the world.

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