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The Analysis of Africa Mobile Phone Market


With the advent of the Information Age, mobile phones have swept all over the world which makes it very convenient for people to live, work and travel. Africa is one of the fastest-growing areas in the world of mobile phone market and the Africa market potential is huge. Since 2010, the number of mobile phone users has reached 506 million in African continent, and the average annual growth is still at the rate of 30% per year. The rapid growth of the mobile phones number results in disorder directly in the Africa mobile phone market which deeply harms the interests of dealers and consumers.

Africa mobile phone

Africa mobile phone

1.    Copycat mobile phone, no-brand mobile phone and other low end mobile phone flood the Africa mobile phone market
By the features of low price, various styles, updated fast, the Copycat mobile phone, no-brand mobile phone and other low end mobile phone quickly occupied the Africa mobile phone market, especially in West Africa, Central Africa and East Africa market. These features just right fit many Africans’ consumer psychology like buying fashionable, fully functional, inexpensive mobile phone and showing off brand mobile phone. Because of African consumers’ low purchasing power and requirement of low price mobile phone, many manufacturers try every means to cut corners and then launch a variety of low cost but full-featured mobile phones. No quality guarantee and short life, the low end mobile phones are soon washed out of the market, however, manufacturers are uninterrupted launching unchanged kernel but more beautiful and more fashionable mobile phones to continue to occupy the market. Because of these low quality mobile phones, most of Africa phone dealers have lost their clients, it seems to be high profit but huge losses by overstocked poor quality mobile phones.

2.    Africa local brand mobile phones struggle to develop
With the improvement of brand awareness, mobile phone dealers wish to make their market bigger and bigger so they begin to register their own brand one after another. But due to the lack of a high-quality supply, the blindly pursue of profit at the expense of quality, finally, these mobile phones were washed out of the market because the Copycat mobile phone damaged the interests of the consumer and lost their brand.

3.    The market share of Global famous brand mobile phone is low
Because the expensive price is beyond African residents’ average consumption level, the market share of Global famous brand mobile phone is low.

4.    Regional brand mobile phones will become main trend
Regional brand mobile phone is a new type cell phone which aims at Africa market. The manufacturers run their own registered brand, such as LEADDER. Their first duty is maintaining the brand's reputation. What’s more, they have their own professional QC team to provide mobile phone to conform the demand of Africa market. The type mobile phone doesn’t have varies of styles but the less style precisely proves its profession, just like IPAD which launches only one style per year. Only quality guaranteed mobile phone is the ultimate choice of consumers.

No quality, no brand; No brand, no future. Only by using supplier quality control system can dealers hold out the Africa mobile phone market for long time, have a stable customer base and finally achieve win-win. The operate mode which combines supplier’s brand advantage, quality control system with dealers’ on-line and offline sales channel is the future mobile phone sales trend in Africa.