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Amanbo Museum of African Culture (main museum) is located in Baoan District, Shenzhen, covering an area of nearly 4,000 square meters. It was prepared in 2013 and opened to the public in 2017. The museum is mainly engaged in the collection, research and exchange of cultural artworks, such as wood carvings, masks, African drums, stone carvings, bronze carvings, oil paintings, grass paintings, canvas paintings and art furniture from various African countries. It is one of the few professional museums in China that focuses on the display and dissemination of African history, culture, art and the promotion of China-Africa humanistic exchanges and cooperation. At present, there are nearly 5,000 pieces of various collections.

Africa is a magical and vibrant land, the cradle of human birth. Africa has many countries, nations and tribes with different cultures and customs, who have created splendid ancient civilizations. But in many parts of Africa, there is almost no written historical materials . Most of the tribal cultures were handed down orally and passed down through carvings, paintings, music and dances. In the process of transmission, many African cultural artworks have formed a unique style of rough, abstract and realistic art, which has had a profound impact on future generations.

In the context of the "Belt and Road" Initiative of China and the deepening of the China-Africa comprehensive strategic partnership, the Museum of African Culture adheres to the philosophy of "Spreading African culture, Promoting Sino-African exchanges" to promote African culture and art. The African Culture Museum not only helps to promote the cultural exchanges between China and Africa, promotes the Chinese people's understanding of African culture, but also enhances the friendship between the Chinese and African people, and also provides a platform for Chinese and foreign scholars of African culture to study Africa.

In September 2021, the Changsha Branch has been established in the Changsha China-Africa Cooperation Demonstration Zone.

Main Collection Category

African Wood Carving

Including Makonde wood carvings, West African wood carvings, Malian Dogon old wood carvings, modern wood carvings, etc.

African Bronze Carving

Including Benin Bronze, Bronze Carving of Mali Royal Palace, etc.

African Characteristic Painting

Including Egypt Papyrus painting, Malian mud painting & Burkina Faso cloth painting, etc.
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